Elementary Co-Curricular Enrichment at MKES

Teachers have created a reading enrichment program modeled upon the real world Newbery Award competition where fifth grade students read from a selected list of books and evaluate them according to the same criteria used by the Newbery Awards for the year. Students vote a winner to be awarded the “Roary” Award (“Roary” is MKES’ mascot!) and attend an awards dinner with local authors of children’s literature. The Foundation purchased the books for the 2015/16 school year’s competition.


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Elementary Co-Curricular Enrichment at WPES

Following our full funding of the 2015 spring semester of in-school co-curricular enrichment pilot, the Foundation purchased Lego WeDo Kits, expanding the coding workshop module for the 2015/16 school year.

In 2014 WPES piloted a school-wide enrichment program that used core time to provide 3rd-5th grade students with project-based opportunities to increase enjoyment, engagement and enthusiasm for learning.  Students chose projects related to science, the arts, math, history, physical fitness or the environment, which require the application of core skills such as writing, reading, math, research, and computer technology. The Foundation funded the second semester of this widely successful program in its pilot year, 2014/15.



Purchase of VEX Robotics Kits for FLMS

In 2014 the FLMS Unified Arts program began teaching the Gateway to Technology curriculum developed by Project Lead the Way. Students learn through activity-, project-, and problem-based curriculum, where they apply what they know, identify problems, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning.  Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems.

During the 2014-15 school year, the Foundation co-funded the acquisition of VEX Robotics® kits, which allowed 7th grade students working in small groups to get comfortable working with the VEX kits and learn to program using ROBOTC software. Their assignment was to design and build real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.


3-d Printer.JPG

3-D Printers

In 2015, the Foundation purchased two 3-D printers to enhance the Autodesk Inventor software module. Beginning spring 2016, instead of creating approximate models by hand of projects designed in Autodesk, students were able export their files to the printers and create the exact object they have designed.



First Annual Book Drive

The Foundation's first annual book drive was a resounding success!  Nearly ten thousand books were donated to enhance classroom libraries in all schools.  Many of the books were in pristine condition, with a variety of donations enticing to even our most discerning young readers. 

After four weeks of lugging hundreds of boxes of books and piling them high in an empty classroom at BVES, the book drive committee went through each and every book, sorting them by grade.  Many brought back childhood memories or were favorites that we had read to our own children and were thrilled to see again. 

Having teachers come and select bags and bags of books to replace the "decrepit" ones in their classroom libraries reminded us why this project was so important. Hundreds of remaining books were delivered to MKES, where students were sent home with armloads of books for their home libraries.  



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Writing Center Tutor

Further or farther? No contractions in formal writing. Remember to use the possessive with a gerund. 

Fox Lane High School students who have questions about papers, college essays or any subject’s writing assignments go to the school’s Writing Center for assistance.

From Spring 2014 through Spring 2016, the Foundation provided a tutor to supplement the hours staffed by teachers. Students were encouraged to bring their drafts and specific questions to the writing center. Foundation tutors from Manhattanville College allowed the Center to be open during lunch hours on days when the Center was not staffed by teachers. In the Fall 2015, the rotating block schedule made staffing with an outside tutor more difficult. As a result, teaching staffing again stepped in.





Writing Models Handbooks

In 2015, the English Department at FLHS had completed its writing models handbook. The handbook contains rubrics for several genres of writing and samples at different levels of mastery.  The purpose of this manual is to build uniformity of writing standards and provide graduating seniors with skills necessary for college writing.

The Foundation provided funding for the printing of these handbooks so they could be distributed to every high school student. Distribution and use of the handbook was being implemented beginning in the 2016/17 school year.




OPT Program

The Foundation’s first teacher grant was awarded in 2017 to Mary Cordero,  FLHS teacher, who created an opportunity for her class of special needs students to start their own business, refurbishing and reselling used sporting goods. The program teaches skills necessary to work in a business endeavor and gain meaningful employment in the future. To make this program happen, Ms. Cordero needed funding for equipment and supplies. The Foundation supported this innovative project which provided meaningful experience to 14 students in its first year with additional students moving into the program in subsequent years.


"Thank you so much for your generous donations towards our All Sports Replay classroom business. The students were all very excited when the boxes began arriving and couldn't wait to see what was inside. Since the students all created the idea for the business, they had a large part in determining what items we run our classroom business more smoothly and efficiently. Their excitement is contagious and they can't wait to get started in using all of these new resources!"

Mary Cordero, FLHS Teacher