Raising Funds

Funds are raised from families and individuals in our community, alumni of district schools, local businesses and private foundations that support public education. We hold an annual appeal in the Fall and host fundraising events throughout the year to support projects that have been approved for funding.

Guidelines for Funding Projects and Approving Grants

The Foundation will consider any proposal that supports the objectives described in the Foundation’s mission. Projects may aim to introduce something completely new or provide enhancements to a current program. Projects may also include educational programs that necessitate costs related to faculty or staff training or related equipment and supplies.

In addition, the Foundation regularly consults and collaborates with the District (Superintendent, Ass’t Superintendent of Curriculum and Department Coordinators) to identify programs with educational merit. This joint effort ensures that programs can be implemented within the curriculum, as well as sustained through the annual school budget if necessary. The number of projects undertaken and grants awarded each year will vary. The Foundation Board may directly solicit funding requests based on their own outreach and research.

Grants approved by the Foundation Board are submitted to the Superintendent who refers them to the Board of Education for consideration and acceptance of program and/or donation.

The Foundation Board conducts a thorough review of all grant applications. During this confidential review process, each grant is assigned one board member to serve as the liaison between the applicant and the Foundation should additional information be needed. 

The Board liaison may contact the applicant by email or phone to discuss the application, request clarification, or ask for a modification to the original grant request.  

The Foundation has two grant cycles during the academic year: a Fall grant cycle for which applications are due on or before December 15th with grant awards communicated by January 31st and a Spring grant cycle for which applications are due on or before April 15th with grant awards communicated by May 31st. Grants typically range from $500 -15,000, although grants have been funded outside of this range. Fall cycle grants are expected to fully used by the end of that academic year unless otherwise provided. Spring cycle grant funds are to be used during the subsequent academic year.

We support projects that meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • The project reinforces or enriches current curriculum.

  • The project foster a one-district mentality in that it provides for standardization across schools.

  • The project provides for experiential, hands-on learning.

  • The project will directly or indirectly benefit a reasonable number of students.

  • The project is creative, new, or innovative.

  • The project can easily be explained to donors who support the Foundation.

  • The success of the project can be ascertained, measured, or otherwise described.

The following items are within the scope of reimbursement or funding:

  • Outside vendor to run the program

  • Professional development (training and/or resources of district staff)

  • Travel expenses for district staff or vendor/trainer traveling to the district

  • Special academic-related facilities and equipment

The following are examples of items that fall outside of the Foundation’s funding scope:

  • Field trips not directly tied to curriculum

  • Non-academic after-school enrichment programs

Approvals Needed Prior to Grant Application Submission:

  • Grants requiring facility modifications (must be reviewed and approved by the District’s Director of Facilities)

  • Grants with a technology component (must be reviewed and approved by the District’s Director of Technology)

Obligations of Grant Recipients

Grant funds must be spent in accordance with the approved budget unless prior approval from the Foundation has been obtained. Unused funds are to be returned to the Foundation within that school year unless otherwise provided. Grant recipients are also required to report on the progress of their grant or submit a final report within a 12-month period and provide assistance to the Foundation in its efforts to ensure that approved grants are publicized with the goal that the community learns about the importance of the grant to the District.