The Foundation’s grantmaking focuses on four areas in the District’s seven schools. 

Curricular Enhancement:  Investing in creative ways to open minds and enhance knowledge while encouraging students to become lifelong learners  

Equipment and Supplies:  Inspiring innovation and discovery using cutting-edge tools and technology  

Programs and Experiences:  Generating a spirit of enthusiasm for learning by implementing thought-provoking programs and experiential learning opportunities

Professional Development:  Challenging teachers to build their skill sets so they can offer fresh ideas and perspective in the classroom and beyond


Projects for the 2017-2018 school year:

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Social Sciences Enrichment Program for all K-5 Students

Enrichment programming that fosters the sense of ‘One District’ throughout the five, neighborhood elementary schools by enhancing classroom curriculum for all elementary school students, including those with special needs. Programming focuses on environmental sciences and social studies and will be incorporated into the curriculum in the 2017/2018 school year.


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"Through the generous support from the Foundation for Bedford Central Schools, each BCSD elementary school has been able to enrich the core curriculum through programs from the BOCES Center for Environmental Education. At BVES, each class engaged in an in-house presentation that connected to the science or social studies curriculum: Kindergarten/SAIL I - Trash Free Lunch; Grade 1/SAIL I - Insects Incredible Creatures; Grade 2/SAIL I & II - Crayfish; Grade 3/SAIL II - Nocturnal World of NY; Grade 4 - Native Americans; Grade 5/SAIL II - A, BEE, C's of the Honey Bee. A huge thank you to the Foundation for Bedford Central Schools for making these learning extensions possible."
Gina Smith, Principal, BVES

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Literacy Program for 6th graders at FLMS

Reading and writing skills can be more sufficiently honed by the time students enter the Middle School. This literacy program incorporates general reading and writing skills into the science curriculum (so while students are learning about science topics, they are also becoming better readers and writers). A consultant will work with teachers, one-on-one and in group settings, as well as provide feedback on actual teaching in the classroom to ensure student skill-building.   


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First Annual Capstone Project for 7th Graders at FLMS

A capstone project is a multi-discipline research project that results in an in-depth understanding of a specific topic and culminates in a hands-on experience. The 2017-2018 project will be based on a book all 7th graders will read about conflict in the Sudan and its impact on the water supply.  The project also involves ELA, Social Studies and Science where research will highlight political conflict and water as a limited, natural resource. The capstone experience will culminate with a trip to Albany to meet legislators and lobbyists and discuss their roles in setting legislative agendas and policy. The students will also take a cruise on the Hudson to incorporate their research on water and understand it in context as a limited resource.  


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Executive Functioning Program to Assist 8th Graders' Transition to High School

This project delves into the transitional skills needed for students to be successful in high school and beyond (and includes areas like juggling classes, prioritizing action items, setting goals, keeping organized along with time management).  


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AP Computer Certification Training

This project covers the cost of certification training for a new AP Computer Science Principles course at FLHS. The teacher has completed the 2017 summer certification course and students are taking it for the first time in the District starting Fall 2017.


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