The Foundation was pleased to present this timely documentary to the Bedford School District community on April 20th 2017. The screening was followed by a discussion with members of the BCSD Technology Department. As Screenagers is about the impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimize harmful effects and find balance, participants in the community discussion- parents, students and administrators- shared they felt both more confident and better equipped to establish balance around screen time. We look forward to continuing this tradition of bringing important issues to our school community in the form of documentaries, discussions, lectures and informative community events as well as partnering with other community organizations to facilitate constructive dialogue and community participation across the District’s vital constituencies.

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Sold Out Cocktails & Comedy Night Friend & Fundraiser!

The Foundation’s 2017 Spring Fundraiser was sold out thanks to overwhelming support from our community and Foundation friends! On Thursday, March 30th,  guests were treated to scrumptious dinner bites prepared by DinnerThyme Events and wine and beer donated to support the event by Captain Lawrence and Leonard Park Wines. Award-winning comedian, Christine O’Leary and her apprentices, kept us laughing and inspired to hold high paddles to support FBCS projects. 

We raised enough money to commence funding the elementary enrichment program for all K-5 students across the district for the 2017-18 school year with a focus on environmental issues, pay to send a FLHS teacher to AP certification training for a new course to be offered fall 2017 at the High School entitled Computer Science Principles and,  raised partial financial support, for the new 7th grade Capstone project at FLMS.


First Annual Book Drive

The Foundation's first annual book drive was a resounding success!  Nearly ten thousand books were donated to enhance classroom libraries in all schools.  Many of the books were in pristine condition, with a variety of donations enticing to even our most discerning young readers.  After four weeks of lugging hundreds of boxes of books and piling them high in an empty classroom at BVES, the book drive committee went through each and every book, sorting them by grade.  Many brought back childhood memories or were favorites that we had read to our own children and were thrilled to see again.  Having teachers come and select bags and bags of books to replace the "decrepit" ones in their classroom libraries reminded us why this project was so important. Hundreds of remaining books were delivered to MKES, where students were sent home with armloads of books for their home libraries.

"After the Bedford Foundation books arrived at Mount Kisco Elementary (probably close to 5000 books), teachers had a week to go through and pull books for their classroom libraries… We then made the books available to students to take home for their home libraries.  I wanted you to see the pictures of the students shopping.  They were so excited and many who would have had no books this summer, left the building with armloads… Please pass our thanks along to the Bedford Foundation.  The Mount Kisco community is deeply appreciative." 
—Bill Hunter, Elementary Consulting Teacher, MKES