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Co-applicant name (if applicable)
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Co-applicant phone number (if applicable)
4. Are other schools/organizations or individuals (in addition to the applicant or applicants) involved in assisting with preparation of this application or in any aspect of the proposed project? *
5. Are you aware of other possible funding sources or other substantial support for implementing this project (eg, the school, PTA, the District, government grants, individuals, or community organizations)? *
If other funding may be available to offset the amount of the grant request, have you sought or do you intend to seek such funding? *
a. Description of the requested staff develop,emnt program and explanation of why you feel it is necessary:
b. Number of people to be trained:
c. Location of training (eg, vendor site, classroom,. faculty meeting, etc.):
d. Number of hours/days of training required:
e. Identity of trainer (eg, a District employee or outside vendor):
f. Training will occur (select one)
g. If training is to occur during school hours, will classroom substitutes be required?
To your knowledge, has similar training been done before?
If yes, please describe.
14. If this project has a technology component, please confirm that the District's Director of Technology as approved this project, including any District required resources.