March 2013 Survey Summary

A survey was conducted of the staff of Bedford Central Schools in March of 2013. The questions were tailored to identify the educational climate of the District. It was also constructed to produce data to determine the Foundation’s focus areas for its work. This is a summary of key findings. If you would like to view the actual survey results from March 2013, contribute your opinion, or take the survey, please email us at

1. Improving Student Outcomes

  • Survey results overwhelmingly indicate (90.1%) that respondents believe the District would benefit from additional support for the command of fundamental academic processes (e.g. writing, reading, oral and written expression, mathematics, science, social studies.)
  • Staff also showed support for programs geared toward motivating students to be lifelong learners (92.6%).
  • Of those surveyed, programs which develop the students’ appreciation and skills for artistic expression (e.g., music, art, drama, literature) also ranked as highly beneficial (92.5%).
  • Other areas that were marked as particularly beneficial to students were programs addressing diversity and cooperation (87.6%); developing personal responsibility and initiative (89.8%); and developing appropriate and responsible uses of technology (88.8%).

2. Professional Development and Resources

  • The survey results showed staff interest in helping students develop 21st century skills (e.g. critical thinking; information literacy; technological literacy; collaboration; creativity and innovation) (67.6%).
  • District educators were also interested in developing students’ ability to own their learning process and to promote self-directed learning (66.2%).
  • They also expressed a need for additional funding to attend professional development opportunities (77.5%). Educators also felt the need for added time and space for shared instructional planning (76.1%).

3. Thinking Beyond the Norm

  • The educators gave a plethora of ideas of programming in all disciplines that they felt would enhance the educational experience of Bedford Central School District students. These ideas range in scope and discipline.